Executive Communication Coach...

Phyllis Roome draws on her successful career as a radio
producer and stage actress (as a member of the National
Theatre  and the  BBC in London,  amongst  others),
to personalize each of her corporate coaching assignments.
She teaches her clients to use the tools of performance —
a sense of presence, clarity, timing, voice modulation,
pacing and projection— to achieve the quality of ease
and authority in public speaking and communication we
all strive for. She establishes a lively learning environment:
people to relate to her quickly and she provides the results
to drive success.

Phyllis is British: she has worked internationally in the
corporate world, the media and the non-profit sector at
all levels of management, both in the US and in Europe.
Her clients include Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents, Legal Officers, and Financial Officers as well as middle management. Phyllis also runs regular seminars for all
levels of management. She seeks results by building on
her clients’ existing potential.

Phyllis is perfectly bilingual in French and English and coaches in both languages.